Pancasila’s Anniversary

Pancasila is meant for everyone Indonesia. Most people adhere to Pancasila as the state and also the rationale of each action and behavior. They believe all problems can be resolved and dealt with the Pancasila as the basis and also guidance in completing. But still many people who think that Pancasila is nothing. This is because less people will pahamnya some essence of Pancasila are thus not able to feel the real benefits of Pancasila. And until now there are many who argue the implementation of Pancasila in the life of nation and state because of poor performance that ditunjukkkan Pancasila in the last few decades.
Pancasila is the idea conveyed explicitly Ir. Soekarno us in meeting Investigation Agency Efforts Preparation of Indonesian Independence (BPUPKI) on June 1, 2945 is his view about the basic foundation of an independent Indonesia which he referred to as the Pancasila as the basic philosophical (philosofische grondslag) or as a way of life (weltanschauung) for Indonesia. And now 66 years of age when even the nation, Pancasila has undergone various historical touchstone and dynamics of the political system, since the era of parliamentary democracy, guided democracy, the New Order era up to multiparty democracy in the current reform era. In every era, Pancasila must pass the test of civilization dialectic groove toughness as the philosophical basis of Indonesia’s growing and never stop at one terminal point of history. Since 1998, we entered the era of reform. On the one hand, we warmly welcome the appearance of dawn which followed a wave of democratization reforms in various fields. But along with the progress of democratic life, there is a fundamental question that we need to think together: Where the Pancasila is now located? This question is important because it put forward since the 1998 reform, the Pancasila as if drowned in the vortex of past history is no longer relevant to be included in the dialectics of reform. Pancasila as the nation away from collective memory. Pancasila less and less pronounced, quoted, and discussed both in the context of constitutional life, nationality or social. Pancasila as leaning on a quiet alley just in the middle of the pulse of the nation is increasingly hirukpikuk Indonesia with democracy and political freedoms.

Conscious or not actually Pancasila is the result of a concoction of the basic view that grew and offered guidance throughout the world ranging from socialism, nationalism and monotheism which is then honed and further developed to become a modern Pancasila which we know today. Forgetting for a moment that uses the guise of abuse we know that the Pancasila Pancasila is a doctrine that really shows the spirit of how actually Indonesia. Pancasila is not only feasible in our minds but also must grow and develop in our hearts. Praktej Pancasila must not only be a doctrine that we must know by heart but we must also make a mirror in every behavior as well as our daily actions.

Many people who do not recognize the Pancasila, but in reality they are simply reject the methods used in instilling identity and also the rationale for our nation. As we have seen for decades many irregularities and abuses in the name of Pancasila without considering the risks and also due to be generated later. But consciously or not they have been able to demonstrate the existence of Pancasila as a general guideline that encourage, nurture, and maintain the diversity and also variation in the life of society, nation, and state.
But there are fundamental things that must be understood by all good people from any generation since the values ​​of Pancasila will accommodate any philosophical thoughts, views, and also the idea of ​​them all. By Pancasila we will not become a unified country but a country that has a unique compound and highly diverse advantages. Therefore we as a successor to the nation should also instill it in our hearts and our hearts so that Pancasila remains the foundation, guidance, and guide us in the act forever.
The conclusion that I can convey is that I firmly believe that the important values ​​of Pancasila would remain and continue to survive in the hearts of the people of Indonesia during these guidelines are used for a moral rudder to keep providing the freedom not as a binding rule rigid and dogmatic. In closing let us celebrate the birth of Pancasila by making and creating new ways to infect and transmit to the children about the spirit of diversity, democracy, justice, humanity, and equality at the heart from Pancasila is the philosophical.


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