Why I Live at Singaraja

Singaraja is one city which located in north Bali. Singaraja is my hometown where I live and study. This city located in the north coast of Bali.  I live in this city from nineteenth years ago until now. I play, study and also grow in this wonderful city. Because of that I love this city very much.

Many people from everywhere came to Singaraja. They have many reasons such as study, enjoy Singaraja, sell their products, and another reasons. They enjoy their live in Singaraja and also want to live here for a long time.

I enjoy our live in Singaraja because I was born in this city. Not only that I can grow and know about something because I’m studied in this wonderful city. Not only that, all of my family lives with me here. They can fulfilled all off my need and needed.

Singaraja is the big city. Singaraja have many facilities. From transportation, education, hospitality, and another public facility were built in my city. My city has the largest educational university in Bali, Undiksha. many people from other regency came to study in this university. I’m very proud my city has Undiksha because the people who came there can grow my city to be a great city. About transportation and accommodation, my city can provide that. With its facilities my city can give many opportunities from everyone who wants to be successful person in economic. And because of that people came to my city to fulfill their need.

I’m happy live here because Singaraja have many entertainment activities and tourism object which can to be a good place to refresh our brain and body after study or work. Not only me, had also the tourists come here to enjoy the wonderful panorama which provide by this city.

Because of many reason above I want to live here forever and enjoy all of facilities which provide by my lovely city.



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